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For the best in strategic advice, Robe Law Firm has the relevant experience, background and training to understand your situation and give you the best possible representation and guidance.  Lawyer

More About Penny Robe
Penny was formerly known as Penny Robe Phillips. Penny provides excellent strategic advice to small businesses.  Her understanding of how the business world works means her legal advice is meaningful to successful entrepreneurs.  For a full description of Penny's background, click

More About Military Law
As a former Air Force lawyer, Penny understands the issues unique to military service.  This veteran knows first hand the sacrifices our military members make and is committed to helping military members and their families navigate the civilian legal system.  If you have served, be sure not to give up income from military retirement because you didn't have a military law attorney involved in your divorce.  Penny is happy to work with other attorneys who need help in this highly technical area.  More About
Military Law.

More About Helping Small Businesses
With nine years of insider experience working for businesses of different sizes in different industries as legal adviser, Penny is great at helping company leadership understand and assess the legal risks are in a proposed business move, and see ways to minimize those risks and still achieve the business objective. More About
Help for Small Businesses.

More About Technology Law
Do you want a lawyer who speaks geek?  Penny does.  Whether you need EULAs, trademark registrations, click-through, shrinkwrap, she can help because she knows her way around computers and intellectual property. She can help at depositions with corporate IT departments.  She can help your company create an electronic content management plan.  Whatever your need in the technology area,
Penny can help.  More About Technology Law.

More About Family Law
Whether you are getting divorced, enforcing or modifying child support orders, adopting a child, or any other legal action affecting the legal aspects of the parent-child relationship, Penny can help you get through these changes while protecting your legal rights.  Call (972) 861-0126 to talk to Penny.  More About
Family Law.

More about Probate
When someone dies, the probate court is the place to transfer ownership of the person's property to the heirs.  We can help you do that.  More about Probate.

More About Wills and Estate Planning
If you choose not to have a will, you are allowing the laws of the State of Texas to decide who will inherit anything you own at the time of your death.  This may or may not turn out the way you think it will.  It will also be more expensive for your heirs than if you have a will.  Call (972) 861-0126 to talk to Penny.  More About
Wills and Estate Planning.

More About Healthcare Law
These are tumultuous times in the healthcare industry.  If you are in the health care industry, Penny can help you weather these changes.  More About
Healthcare Law.

More About Mediation
As a mediator, Penny's respectful, collaborative approach leverages her wide ranging knowledge and experience, an approach that helps parties get to an agreement. Penny is a great choice for mediator in disputes in any of these practice areas.  Penny has trained in Health Care Law Mediation with the American Health Lawyers Association, making Penny a great choice if your contract requires mediation with an AHLA mediator.

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